Monday, September 3, 2007


Tonight I was unloading groceries when I looked down and saw a grasshopper like bug on my leg. I went to sweep it off and it stung the fire out of my finger. What do I do when anything hurts??? I call my Momma! So I call her and whine for a bit and Dad says to go out in the yard and find a cigarrette butt, mix some spit with some tobacco and rub it on the sting. (Both of my parents smoke and when they are here they smoke on the porch and throw their butts in my yard) I go outside in my jammies to look for a butt...the only one I could find didn't even have any tobacco left in my finger still hurts, but I am not looking for any more butts in the dark! I settled for ice instead.

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Kim said...

I had a big spider bite my finger and it was like liquid fire shooting through my hand.

Not to scare you but if it blisters (turns white and gross) go to the doc. My hand swelled up to twice its size but didn't blister. Boy did it hurt!