Friday, November 30, 2007

Come and gone...

Well, another month has come and gone! Back in the summer when I was getting my room all ready for the year, I wanted a visual of the progress to Emma so the kids could be part of it. I made a number line across the top of the calendar board. Each month on the 30/31 we move this cute little lady bug to the next number. The kids get so excited! Today, before I even reminded them, they shouted, "We get to move the ladybug!" I love that about kindergarten!
Even if my little ticker doesn't say "10" yet, by golly, the month is over and I am celebrating another month come and gone!

I also have a part time job as children's director at our church. We are working on a Christmas program, "Christmas Around the World." One of the songs has an "Asian" feel and the kids call it my song. One night at practice, the kids were asking me about Emma and Alden said, "Miss Angie, do you think that when Emma comes, we could sing her this song?" You can't get any more precious than that!

Tomorrow is a big day! My Mom and I are driving to Charlotte, NC for me to get my fingerprints redone. My thumbs still aren't great, but I am hoping that they will be smooth enough for good prints. I have been using a scrub on them and will do it one last time tonight. We are also going to do a little shopping. We are going to a baby store so that I can pick out my glider for the nursery. I can just feel my sweet Emma in my arms!

Did I tell you that I have had 2 dreams in the past couple of months about being in labor? And I actually felt pain...wonder what I ate the night before?? I wrote down the dreams and will be anxious to compare dates and see if there is any significance when Emma does finally arrive!

Be watching for pics tomorrow!


Erica said...

Good to see you are back and ok. I was wondering if we were going to have to send out a search party... Good luck with the prints tomorrow and have fun shopping!

Susan said...

Good luck in Charlotte. E'beths new favorite cartoon is Max and Ruby. She thinks you need a Ruby now!
Have fun shopping w/ you Mom. Enjoy every moment. We love you!