Friday, February 1, 2008


Christy and Crystal are among my very dearest friends. Not because I have known them for a long time or spent a tremendous about of time with them (or because they bought me gifts), but because they are my sisters in Christ and there is a bond there that is different than any other. We have also spent a week together at church camp and if that doesn't bond get the point.

Anyway. Today was a bad day. I needed time with friends and I called and asked Christy and Crystal if we could get together. We relaxed and laughed at their incredibly precious daughters. Both of their husbands were there as well and it wasn't what I thought I needed tonight, but it's no surprise that I left feeling blessed. To top off the blessing, they gave me three precious gifts!

The figurine is a Willow Tree statue named "Child of My Heart." Even though it was purchased months ago, I think it was meant for now...a reminder that though a year has past and who knows how long is left, Emma is the child of my heart and I will hold her in my arms. The book, Forever Lilly, is one that I have wanted to read, but haven't gotten. And the best little thing is the ladybug hairbow. Both of their daughters (Finley and Karisse) were SO jealous! I think it was meant for Emma's hair, but Maybe I will wear it just for fun! Girls, My heart can't thank you enough...your friendship is such a blessing. I read a quote once that I loved:

"A true friend

is one who knows the song of your heart

and can sing it back to you

when you have forgotten the words."

Thanks for helping me remember the words tonight. I love you both!


Crystal Roberson said...

ahhh. IT was our pleasure. I'm glad we got to hangout on Friday night! We would have just spent the time laying on the couch and "not laughing" like we did last night! Love you and I AM praying for you!


christy d said...

i love spending time with you. definitely praying for you and the decisions you're making!!! hugs to you!!

(the gifts were actually from the robersons...I just happened to be with crystal when she bought one of them...) :o)