Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Erin is not doing well today. They gave her a blood transfusion during the night and it did not go well. They have also discovered that she has a staph infection in her heart. She is quarintined and they won't even let her parents in to see her. That is breaking Kimberley's heart. They have told them that there is nothing else they can do for her here. They said that they could lifeflight her to Vanderbilt in Nashville. The doctors said she is not stable and they don't know if she will survive the flight, but that's her only hope. Her family agreed to try it. Because of all the equipment, no one can ride in the helicopter with them. The family is having to drive. (They looked in to flying, but would be just as fast to drive) There is no one on Nashville to support them like their family and friends have done here. Kimberly can't even talk...she is just broken. Please pray.

I keep thinking of the song by Rich Mullins, "You're on the Verge of a Miracle" I tried to upload it, but don't know how...anyway, the part that keeps playing in my mind is
"You're on the verge of a miracle, just waiting to be believed in..."

I think about when Jarius came to Jesus and asked him to save his daughter. They were on their way when Jarius' friends met them and said, "Don't bother. The child is dead." Jesus continued and went to the girl...told her to get up...and she did. I know that Jesus is riding with Erin in that helicopter. If it's HIS will, he will tell her to "get up!"

Please pray for safety for the helicopter and the family as they drive. Pray for the doctors at Vanderbilt as they prepare to come into the life of this family - that they will have wisdom to deal with the situation. Pray for this miracle...just waiting to be believed in!

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Susan said...

My sister is in Nashville just a short distance from VanderB. Please let me know if there is anything she can do for this family. I'll call her and tell her about this situation and at least she will be aware.