Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some good news!

Vanderbilt sent a plane that has an operating room on board and a team of specialists to pick up Erin. Kimberly was able to ride on the plane; the rest of the family drove. She made it through the ride just fine. Once at Vanderbilt they did a surgery to hook her up to a machine that will do everything for her body and allow her body the rest it needs without the worry of damage to her organs. She came through that surgery just fine as well. Her family has three rooms at the Ronald McDonald House - that way they will have everything they need and be close to Erin! Keep praying!

Andrea, my friend who had her lymph nodes biopsied, does not have lymphoma! Praise God! There is a disease that she has, but she doesn't know much about it right yet and the doctor said not to worry. Not real happy with that answer and neither is she - they are getting a second opinion and trying to get info on what she does have. Her lymph nodes were sick little boogers though!

Praise God for answered prayers!


Susan said...

Amazing news!!!

Christy D said...

Praise God!!!! We have everyone praying...