Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another year older

Today is my birthday...birthdays aren't the same as they were when I was little. Used to, I couldn't wait for my party! Things have just been so hard lately, I really didn't want a party. My cousin Amy always insists we have parties - she is a true child at heart! So my family came over for a yummy taco dinner with yellow cake with chocolate icing (my favorite) for dessert. It was a fun time with family! A big thanks to my sweet Momma for the yummy supper!

Doesn't my cake look yummy?
Wonder what I wished for???
L to R Cousin Amy, Cousin Becky's daughter Brianna, me, cousin Becky.
Pretty cute gals, ain't we?

Becky's son Braden fell asleep and ended up laying in a very dangerous spot...we had just eaten tacos...beans and all!


Erica said...

What a cute photo! Happy Birthday!

Bonnie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Angie. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Can't beat some good cooking from your momma. You are still at the age to celebrate those numbers. So try to enjoy this time in your life. I hope this year is a very blessed year for you. You deserve the best!

Love ya!
The Messerschmidts

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Angie! I agree with Bonnie about the numbers looking pretty good for you! It would be nice see those combinations again on top of a cake! :)

Sandy H. said...

Happy "late" birthday Angie....The cakes looks Wonderful!!!!

Roberson said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!! Yea for cake!!!!! :) hugs and kisses!