Thursday, March 6, 2008

My dog, a visit, and taxes

I gotta tell you...somedays my dog is the smartest dog around! I am not sure if today's experience goes in the smart or not so smart category. I have a tie out for Max so I can let him out, but I don't have to stay right there. Tonight, I was putting out the trash andafter I hooked him up, I noticed that the leash was broken. It's usually 30 ft was broken off at about 2 ft. Usually when I take out the trash, he follows me. He can get to the end of the walk with the leash, but I go on around the hedge corner about 6 feet. I made about 5 trips out...knowing the cord was broken and just wondering what he would do. It was as if he knew how far he could usually go and that's as far as he went. I wonder if I took him out and didn't put the leash on him if he would have followed me on out...let's try a little experiment....hold on a minute...I knew it - he ran right with me and then tried to go on a wild run! For now, I have tried to tir the broken ends together to got us through the night. I guess Max will get an early birthday present tomorrow. He will be 4 on the 29th. Hard to believe my baby's getting older!

Today I went by school for a visit. I knew I needed to go before Monday so that I could get over the first day back jitters. My plan was to go at lunch time. I didn't make it...I kept putting it off. Finally I made myself get in the car. As I drove down the road, my hands were sweaty, my heart was pounding, but I went on in! The kids were not it the room and I asked the teacher if it would be ok for me to visit! I could hear them coming down the hall...I couldn't figure out if I was more nervous or more excited. Their faces were precious! I got tons of hugs! They wanted to know if I was back for good. I showed them on the calendar when I would be back for good. I helped them open their snacks and talked a little and then I headed out - nerves gone! I think I will be ok on Monday. I am going back on Friday for another quick visit and to get my teacher manuals etc so I can plan for next week. It's gonna take a while to get the room back in idea of where things go and another persons are VERY different apparently. Anyone bored on Saturday can join in on the fun!

I went today to have my taxes done. Usually I get a pretty nice refund. I knew it wouldn't be as much this year because the church didn't take money out of my salary, but I didn't expect to have to pay - UGH! That was not a fun trip to the bank...not an expected expense. How blessed I am though that I had it in savings.
Tomorrow is cleaning and laundry day. I look forward to those days...and I make such grand plans...baseboards included. I am hoping to at least get unpacked from my trip last week! Wish me luck!

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