Sunday, March 9, 2008

You heard it here first!

Ladies and gentlemen...I have an announcement to make...

Footers have been poured...I repeat...footers have been poured! I was beginning to wonder of the pile of mud would stay forever! You have to look closely in the picture, but it's there....real concrete! Maybe I will have a new house!

here are some things I am looking forward to...

  • a garage...and a garage door opener!

  • Central heat and AIR

  • a sprayer thingy on my sink

  • a shower without everlasting mold and mildew and tiles missing

  • being able to turn on the water...and it get hot (currently, I have to turn on the water, brush my teeth, go to the kitchen and give Max his medicine and take my medicine, and then maybe if I am lucky the water is's much worse in winter!)

  • a dishwasher

  • Side by side washer and dryer. (Currently, my washer is in the bathroom and the dryer is on the back porch. I'm not a total redneck, the porch is closed in, but only a screen door!)

  • Cabinets that open when you open them and stay closed when you close them.

  • A POOL! (if they ever get it open!)

  • Getting Emma's room ready!

  • having a kitchen table - even if I don't use it much!
  • windows that open and close! Most of mine are painted shut and if they do open, they usually fall!

I can't wait! But I will miss my front porch and my swing!

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