Saturday, April 12, 2008


Music is my thing. In my class, we learn lots of stuff through songs. We also just like to sing and dance cause it's fun. Needless to say, I have aquired several CD's. While I was on leave, some people borrowed them to copy them. Personally, I don't do that. I see it as stealing and I don't think it's fair to the artist. Anyway, when I returned, I realized that our two favorite CD's were missing. I sent out an immediate APB - we searched frantically - the kids were so sad. Every day they would ask to sing this one particular song. They still have not turned up. So today, I bit the bullet and bought new copies of the CD's. It just doesn't seem fair that I am buying them twice...and they got them for free. It will be worth it on Monday though, when we get to sing our favorite songs again! I am considering a security system for my room!

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Susan said...

ummm. Copyright infringement carries quite a penalty these days. If caught, it would have been MUCH cheaper for them to have purchased their own. Maybe you will mysteriously find them now that they know they have been exposed for copyright violations.