Sunday, April 6, 2008

My new kitchen furniture!

Today, Mom and I went to buy my table for my condo. We were afraid that they wouldn't have all the parts by the time I move into my condo.
My Dad works at a funeral home...interesting, I know! Anyway...the great thing about that is that I usually have access to great vans - without any back seats! So Mom and I were driving around town on a marked funeral home van...always gets us some great looks!
We got the table and chair boxes into the house ok, but the hutch was way too heavy. Because the box was coming undone, we had to open it outside and bring it in piece by piece. I think we are going to go ahead and put it all together to make sure all the pieces are there etc. Once the condo is done, it will have been too long to return it. Maybe it won't be as heavy put together! I took pictures of the pictures on the boxes...cute stuff, huh?

The hutch in pieces in my dining room.
All the "stuffing" and hutch box...just in case. I can't even get in this room anymore!

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