Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

This week has been idyllic! Blue skies, cool breeze - perfect spring days! Today was actually almost HOT! Here are some pics of spring at my house!

I mowed the yard yesterday. This morning, I let Max out and when he came back in, his feet were GREEN! Sure sign of spring right there!
I have 2 blooms on my lilac bush...wish I could figure out how to get more blooms, but at least I have two!
I love tulips! When I moved in, it was winter...I had no idea what was here. When spring came, I was thrilled...tons of daffodils, iris, and tulips! Sadly, I am not a gardner so the plants have to fend for themselves!
Two birds have made their home on the column of my porch. They are cute, but very messy

I am also glad that the good weather has allowed for construction work on my condo. Today, They were putting sub flooring down for the first level.

I will have to say that the forecast is calling for SNOW Sunday night! Crazy weather! I imagine my beautiful flowers will look a little sad on Monday!


Susan said...

Oh boy!!! I love the pics Miss Ang!!! My favorite is Max's paws! You MUST enlarge this to a wall portrait!!!! :) Looks like progress IS being made! The further the builder gets, the more rush he will be in since he will have lots of $$$$ tied up ;) Glad to see you 'back'.lol.
HUGS to you from down the interstate.

Erica said...

Good to see they are making progress on your condo!

I think you and I are a lot alike--my hands are itsy bitsy too! I used to babysit for a 4 year-old girl who's hands were the same size as mine. Something isn't right...