Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vote for my friends!

My friends, Phil and Lisa, have quite the eventful life! If you haven't read their blog, it's worth your time! Here's the Cliff's notes version...Lisa and I went to college together. She and Phil married after college. They began their ministry together; Phil became the minister at a church in Georgia. They had trouble starting a family and turned to in vitro. Ashley was born and they were thrilled! A few years later, they tried again! Seven embryos remained. Three survived the thawing process. Because Phil and Lisa believe that each embryo is more than cells - it's a life, they implanted all three knowing that they may or may not "take." God's funny! Not only did all three "take," but one split into identical twins. Lisa and Phil were pregnant with quadruplets! They temporarily re located to Arizona to be able to be at the best hospital for high risk, multiples pregnancies. Lisa began having serious complications and the babies were delivered at 27 weeks - to save Lisa and try to save the babies. The four babies weighed a combined 6 lbs 11 oz...less than 2 pounds each - Benjamin, Casey, and the twins Danielle and Emily. There were ups and downs in those NICU days. They lost baby Emily at 3 weeks old. The doctors explained that the surviving babies would face certain difficulties with various milestones...even going so far as to say that Danielle may never stand or walk...again God is funny! Danielle was the FIRST to stand. Sure they have ups and downs, but the three surviving quads are thriving...beyond doctor's imagining! They are now 2 and a half and they and their big sister Ashley are desperate to get away from Mom and Dad! Here's where you come in!
Go to this site and be amazed at the video Phil and Ashley made to try to win a great romantic getaway! it's a precious video titled "The Greatest Romantic"...will you go vote and help them win???? You have until April 14 to vote! Then go to their blog - especially watch the pregnancy announcement video and Birth Announcement video...You will be hooked!

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Susan said...

What a proposal!! I have but one question.. how in the world did he get all that sand out of his spare bedroom??? lol! What a guy! That IS an amazing video. Hope they win!