Tuesday, June 10, 2008

E is for Emma!

Today we went shopping to some of the neatest stores - antique and new. I found this cool necklace and fell in love with it! When I wear it, it will remind me to pray for my sweet girl, her birth family, and those who will/are caring for her.


Susan said...


Shelley said...

Love it Ang...I know you will wear it with all the love a Momma has in her heart!!!
Reminds me of the ladybug pins that I wore while we were waiting on Aly and Lili. I wore them every day until Gotcha day and then I put them away since I had the real thing. I plan to give them each their respective ladybug pins when they get older and tell them how I wore them each and every day while I waited for God to unite us as a family.
Hope you have a great rest of your vacation...stock up on rubber bands for the prop plane!!! :-)
love ya