Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I said I would never do this again

I hate yard sales! Every time I have one, I say I am never doing another one. So what am I doing up at this hour? Pricing stuff for my next yard sale! I am hoping that I will get a good chunk of what I need to purchase Emma's Crib! I have some furniture, clothes, kitchen goods, and decorating stuff. I have a lot of stuff and I am thankfully in a "get-rid-of-it mood!" I figure the more I sell, the less I have to move...except that in order to sell it, I have to move it to my Mom's which is where I am having this lovely shindig! Such is life. If you are in the area and have anything you'd like to donate to my yard sale cause, let me know!


Karisse & Callie said...

Hehehehehe...I LOVE yard sales! Getting rid of JUNK that you don't need/hate AND making money from it is the greatest idea I've ever heard of!!!

We had one last weekend or I'd have a bunch of stuff for "your cause." When is it?

Kim said...

Getting everything ready is SUCH a pain!

Good luck with your sale! I am waiting for the community one at my Dad's and I loading everything up to get rid of it. I want the extra $$ for Natalie's big girl furniture :)