Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Diet Sabatoge!

I tried to do a favor for a friend today. She was craving glazed, kreme filled doughnuts and I was going to be going by doughnut heaven, so I told her I would get her some. She wanted a dozen. (Mind you she's like a size 2!!!) I did so well all the way home and then they started speaking to me...the doughnuts. Seriously. If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, simply buy some, set them on your counter and will happen, I promise! They start calling out - "Eat me! No one will notice! Eat me! I will not add to your hips...I have 0 grams of trans fat! Eat me!" The litany continues. I broke down and ate one, my friend won't mind. Well, three doughnuts later I am pretty close to sitting in the kitchen floor and just finishing the whole daggone dozen. That's what will happen if she doesn't pick them up soon. I am not to be held responsible for what the doughnuts tell me to do!


Alana said...

Okay, you have to go back and read this post I wrote about Krispy Kreme!

Too funny!

Shannon B. said...

ANGIE!!!! Don't do it!!! I hope i'm not too late! :-)
Got your fabric for your quilt yesterday, now I have to get it ready to mail to you!!!
Have a good week!