Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's a mystery to me!

Why is it that when I buy healthy food it rots before I eat it, but I buy a bag of powdered donuts and they are gone - I am too embarrased to say how quickly - but suffice it to say it was fast??? What's up with that??? I shouldn't have bought them, but I was hungry when I went to the store...BAD MOVE! I confess...I am addicted to them! I crave them like I crave no other snack. There ought to be a support group for all of us lovers of tiny circles bathed in soft, soothing, oh so smooth powdered sugar!

It's all because I said the horrible "D", not "donut" the other one...the one that has four letters! I am talking D-I-E-T here people. Alana said it it's really her fault! We are working together to eat better and lose weight...I have a few pounds on her though!

Seriously though, my goal is 25 by THE 25th! (that would be Christmas) Alana, if you could see me now...hands and mouth covered in a not so mysterious white would know that I am not doing so hot today. But there's always tomorrow right...oops, it is tomorrow...well, there's always the next day!


Karisse & Callie said...

I LOVE those little tiny circles of heaven!! And it's truly an intend to eat just a few, but before you know it, the whole bag is gone and you're not really even could eat another. Quite amazing, I KNOW! :o)

Alana said...

What are you trying to do to me? P.F. Changs, powdered donuts? Acck.

Seriously funny post, though. You make me laugh.

Love the new crib and the're going to be all set!