Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's's hot...I'm in luck...

...cause I live next to the Ice Cream Truck!
"Jolly Wally" is my neighbor and that suits me just fine! Today, the neighbor kids came over to play with Max...pretty frequent occurance. They also love my porch swing - it's a wonder the thing is still hanging! While they were swinging and playing, "Jolly Wally" -aka Charlene- drove up and the kids literally FLEW off the porch. I decided Max and I needed a treat too. So we all hit up Charlene for a treat...she gives great discounts! :) it's good to know the right people in the world and "Jolly Wally" is definitely one of those! We all came back to the porch to enjoy our treats. Max had a popcicle...and lots of dribbles that fell from the other treats. I will miss living next to the ice cream truck...but I think having a sprayer thingy on my new sink will make up for it! I can still visit good ol' Jolly Wally!

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