Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time keeps on tickin'...tickin'...tickin'...

Believe it or not,
another milestone has been reached!
months closer to Emma!
TO celebrate, here are 17 things I can't wait to do with Emma!
1. hear her laugh
2. see her smile
3. feel her in my arms
4. snuggle her after a warm bath
5. dress her up
6. read her books
7. teach her about Jesus
8. take her shopping
9. watch fireworks
10. wheel her around town in her new stroller
11. hear her sing songs
12. take her to the beach
13. take her to the park
14. Take her to Disney World
15. jump in mud puddles
16. tell her I love her
17. hear her say, "I love you, Momma!"


Kristen said...

17 months down. Can't quite decide whether 17 is a good or bad number, but we've made it this far. I hope you did something to celebrate / mark the day!

Alana said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for you!

Alana said...

P.S. I put you on my blogroll, hope that is okay!

Tiffany said...

How exciting! Each milestone is one step closer to the special day when you can meet your baby girl! Yea...I'm so excited for you. Thanks for all your sweet comments on Avery's blog. I really appreciate them...they make me smile. We think she's pretty neat and it's so fun when someone else does too! : ) You are such a dear friend!

Karisse & Callie said...


Erica said...

Whoo hoo! Every month done is one closer to your girl!