Saturday, September 27, 2008


That's me right now...bummed. With a capital bummed. This week I got a letter from my adoption agency letting me know that one of my forms which has to be updated every 18 months can only be updated ONCE. After that, it will have to be a different form with different regulations and requirements which, of course, I don't meet. So I have roughly 15 months to complete this adoption...or I am out. At leat from what I understand. That's wrong. so wrong. All this waiting and then the chance of coming away with empty arms...and empty there is no "refund." They are trying to work it out so that those who were already in the process before the new requirements went into effect will be grandfathered in, but I am leary...and scared. I just wonder, is there something I ahve done wrong? Was this not where God was calling me? Why have I gone through all this to come to this point??

Then to make things even countertops are backordered. Remember though that I picked them out over a year you see a problem here? Hopefully they will "be in next week." Based upon their track record, I wonder which "next week" they mean. Is it the "next week" after the 12th of never? That's what it seems like. And it's too late to pick hardwood...they would have to take up all the baseboards...part of me wants to make them do it just to spite them...and I might!

THEN, yes, this post gets even more uplifting. I went by the place where I ordered my bedroom furniture because I haven't heard from them...and I ordered it 3 MONTHS ago. I stood at the counter waiting to be recognized for more than 5 minutes. While a man sitting there went about his business answering the phone and sales peoples questions. Never Acknowledged I was standing there. Finally he said, "Is there a salesman helping you?" NO! THat's why I ahve been standing ehre for the past 5 minutes! Anyway, long story longer, the armoire has been discontinued and they are not sure I will be able to get one of the remaining 4. WHAT!?!?!? I ORDERED THIS 3 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!! I told them that if I can't get the armoire I don't want any of it...and then if that happens, I may jsut have to go and tell the manager how unhappy I am with the lot of it and that I will never shop in that store again. I hate that...I am not confrontational, but I am jsut too nice and I feel as if I am getting steam rolled on every angle.

At school, the aides know that I am flexible and such...some of the other teachers they work with are not so it seems that their work gets done first. Again...that's wrong. And it's not always so...but the squeaky wheel does seem to get the grease. I feel like my name tag this week should say, "HI! I am Matt. Walk all over me!"

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Please pray for these situations...For God to be matter what...for my heart to matter what...and that I would be able to be nice...but not be walked upon...that I will hold my baby...soon.

And did I tell you that my last match from one of those dating sites said, "I have recently discovered that I am content without sexual relations and am looking for a woman interested in a celibate marriage." WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? There's even a website for asexuals...that he posted in his profile. I know a lot of women could take it or leave it, but I would at least like to try, you know?!?!

God, what kind of patience lesson are you teaching me???? i think I ahve learned enough by now...I want the cliffs notes version instead of this one!

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The Roach Family said...

Tell them to pull up the base boards and put hardwoods. If that is what you want. It is YOUR house, and that is what YOU want!! It will not take them too long to do it. You paid for that house and deserve what you want, no matter if they are a little incovenienced. You have been nothing but inconvenienced with these people, the least they can do is pull up a few base boards!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Hang in there. Need a shopping trip to NC? If you decide to take back the furniture, we have lots of furniture in NC!!! :-)