Sunday, September 7, 2008

A perfect day

Today has been one of the most perfect days I think I have ever had! Nothing out of the fact, it was just that...very ordinary. I started the day running late...which is almost always the case. After church, I enjoyed lunch with some friends. But the real perfect part was this afternoon - on my own. I did a few loads of laundry, lit a candle, brewed some coffee - the smell in my house is divine for sure! Then I watched The Jane Austen Book Club (TWO TIMES IN A ROW) while I wrote my lesson plans and sipped coffee. Max has been relaxing on the couch. Too much of a good thing is...WONDERFUL! I love Jane Austen. I love happy endings. I love the smell of candles burning. I love the way the breeze feels as it floats through my window. I love sipping on coffee that looks (and almost tastes as sweet as) hot chocolate. I love the thought that even though my life isn't what I'd's pretty perfect...and it's apparently where God wants me right now!

Oh...and this day isn't THAT ordinary! My ordinary plan for a Sunday afternoon is a nap today...maybe those hormones are finally kicking in?!!!

A few updates for you:
  • I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. teaching second grade!
  • I am still "pregnant" after all these years! 19 months from LID, 3 years from the start. UGH!
  • My condo is STILL not ready...I am thinking my friend Sydney was right when she said, "Angie, there's no way you will be in here by the first of September...maybe by November."
  • Speaking of Sydney, she has a HUGE interview on Monday for a counseling position. She's phenomenal and I know this would be a fantastic niche for her! Please pray for peace, wisdom, and a great sense of confidence!
  • I really didn't think the hormones were doing anything...but I think they may be kicking in...I hope so cause this feels pretty good!


Erica said...

I'm glad you are doing so well. Those perfect Sundays are hard to come by so I am really glad you enjoyed yours. Cheers!

Karisse and Callie said... glad your afternoon was fantabulous! you make me want yummy's too late for those kind of shinanigans!!!

happy monday in your wonderful 2nd grade...

Alana said...

That is wonderful! I love days like those. I hope you continue to feel better and better!

tiffany said...

Still pg after all these years made me smile and remember. :) And we only waited 10 months for our first but I remember I was going in to a dressing room at TJMaxx (therapy shopping...probably couldnt afford to be in "waiting" mode these days!) and kept dropping things and the attendant said maybe you are pg? And I mumbled...yah, like an elephant. LOL Lady just looked at me baffled but I cracked myself up later when I thought about the whole thing. :)

I hope your heart gives birth soon!