Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Big Day!

So yesterday was the big day! Sydney and I drove the big funeral home van (my dad is a funeral director...but that's another story) to Knoxville to pick up my crib! I am used to driving a smallish family sedan...a 15 passenger van is a whole other story. It was interesting to say the least...but I am posting this so we must have survived! When we arrived, my furniture boxes were sitting out just waiting on me. I went in and , of course, had to look around. I love baby stores! It was giving Syd baby fever in a big way! I found a high chair that I LOVED and it was on sale. Sydney talked me into buying that too...I mean...we had the van, why not! I paid the balance and then it was time to load. Here's Syd doing her part...loading the mattress!
Surprising how big it all was! You can see our little helper man...he was strong! I told him I felt like he was helping deliver my baby!
The van all loaded and ready to go!

After that, we went to lunch at PF Chang's - YUM! I love that place! Then we spent a few hours at the mall and a few other stores before we headed home. We had a fantastic day...and then it got better. We got to take all the stuff into my new condo! I can't wait to get her room ready!
Here's a picture of the high chair - it will be perfect! My table is black and my cabinets are oak!

I wanted to put the crib together today, but I have had a sick headache for most of the day...poor me! I am feeling better now, but I think I will get some packing done instead! More to come!

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Alana said...

Okay, not sure I knew your Dad was a funeral director? How did I miss that? Or maybe I forgot? Hmm...

And I absolutely ADORE P.F. Chang's. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!