Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi! My name is STRESSED!

I hate moving. It's true. I love the idea of my new place and the thought of decorating it, but I wish that I were Tabitha on Bewitched and I could just wiggle my nose and it would be done. A friend of ours happened to mention that one of their friends has a moving company. Two Men and a Truck. Not kidding...that's their name. They have reasonable rates and at this point I am thinking that any amount is worth not having to carry all of this myself! We were hoping for Saturday. Well...Mom called today about 1:00 to tell me that they are booked Saturday. Their only available day is Thursday. yes. As in TOMORROW! They will be at my house at 8:00 AM!


Not much in the way of packing has been happening. I know! I know! I have known for a LONG time that I would be moving, but as I mentioned before...I hate packing! And it's not like today was a day I had lots of time...after school, I tutored for an hour and a half and then I was special music at church tonight so there was no skipping church. I came home after church and started throwing stuff in boxes. I have the bigger part of what really needs to be moved packed and ready! believe it or not! it's all sitting out and ready! I am going to school as usual and my dear Mom will be the director. She knows where it's all supposed to go - she's had to listen to me "arrange" furniture for two years now! So, tomorrow after school, I will go to my NEW house! how exciting! We are going to spend tomorrow evening hanging blinds and sorting boxes. Then, Friday and Saturday we will move more stuff from old to new and get it all situated.

I'm guessing there won't be much in the way of relaxing this weekend!

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