Monday, October 20, 2008

Life is Good!

We are in! Thanks to my dear friends, Clint & Alyson, and Chip & Katy for helping me move...there was a lot more stuff than I thought! but we got it and I am slowly getting things put together. Also, thanks to my Aunt Susie for being the best furniture put-er together-er! I now have a table and a china hitch! Pictures soon, I promise...just too much going on! I think tomorrow night is the night to get Emma's room going!

Tonight I went to the store...I haven't grocery shopped in a LONG time...didn't want to move food. I think I had mustard and pickles in the fridge! I also threw out my spices...most were at least 5 years old. Needless to say, it was a big grocery trip! Note to self...with this many steps, smaller and more frequent grocery trips are best!

Max is slowly figuring out this new house thing! It's been a little traumatic I think! When the movers came to get the furniture, Mom left him in his crate so he wouldn't trip them or anything - she said he was just shaking all over. He can't seem to figure out the new yard thing...especially since there are several more dogs around. Bathroom breaks are significantly longer and more difficult since I can't jsut tie him out like I did before. I dread winter...hope he figures it out before then!

Way past bedtime...just wanted to update you! Bless you, dear friends!

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Karisse and Callie said...

sooooo glad to hear You're In!!!! Welcome home my friend.

Hope you can join us for lunch...?