Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I went by my townhouse today...I've decided to call it a townhouse because it sounds better! Anyway, I am pretty impressed! I also got to talk to the builder...FINALLY! Tomorrow qthe plumber will install toilets and sinks...carpet will go down Saturday or crew will come on Tuesday or Wednesday...then I AM IN!!!

Here's a pic of my stove, sinks etc...sitting in my living room waiting to be installed.
This is the light on the stairway...I love this light!
My backordered counter tops came in today and are already installed...I like them and they match the paint, cabinets, and tile nicely!
This is the living room fan...I've discovered that I love ceiling fans all year! I remember how much my best friend Kristi's girls LOVED staring at ceiling fans when they were itty bitty - sweet memories!
My special order kitchen light...that I am not as happy with as I thought. I wish it were a little bigger and longer...but I still like it!
The builder remembered that I wanted brushed steel (or whatever they are) doorknobs. Most of them have been installed!

The other lights weren't in yet...should be finished tomorrow! I am getting SO excited!
As far as my bedroom furniture goes...I still know nothing. I called ...again...and was not happy with the lack of answers. They won't know if I will get the armoire until the truck comes in...maybe this weekend. UGH!
Time to get some work done...I am taking Friday off and have Substitute plans to finish - JOY!


Rochelle said...

Maybe you'll be packing & unpacking boxes over fall break. Your place looks great. Maybe I can come see it in November when I'll be back in town.

Alana said...

Looking good, friend! I'm so excited for you!!

Erica said...

Very nice! Glad things are really moving now!