Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It should come with a warning label...

The movie M*arley and Me should come with a warning label - "If you have a dog, this movie may cause uncontrollable fits of crying." The trailers for this movie look hysterical, but honestly, although in the end, it was heartwarming (and breaking) I did not like the movie. I really didn't even laugh. And that irks me because I didn't just rent it...I bought it. I sat here tonight and watched the end, it's very sad and I ended up almost laying on top of Max loving on him, sobbing, and cursing that daggone movie.

Don't watch the movie...especially if you have a dog!

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Erin said...

We went to the theater to see the movie and I am not kidding when I say that every man, woman and child there was almost hyperventilating we were all crying so hard! The whole theater was filled with sobs and sighs......such a tear jerker, but a true testament to how much joy an animal can bring to your life (even ones filled with a little more "spice" than "sugar"!)