Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Leave it to a 4 year old...

So I have been the Bible storyteller for the 2's, 3's, and 4's this month. It's been a HOOT, I tell you! I must say that I am totally in my element in there with them and I love seeing their faces light up as we sing or talk together. Somedays I fell like I get even more from preparing for and telling the story to them than from a sermon.

Anyway, Sunday was fmaily Sunday and all the kids were in "Big Church." As I sat there, one of "my" four year olds came in and sat by me. Well, she didn't sit at first, first she gave me the BIGGEST hug which totally made my day. Then she pretty much sat ON me for the first bit.

Later when the offering plate was being passed, her mom handed her a dollar to put in the offering. Now...this little one is smart. Probably one of the smartest kids I know and we do offering in our kids worship...truly, it's nothing THAT new...maybe it was the gold plate that threw her, but as it was passed, instead of putting her money IN, she proceeded to take money out. I thought I was going to fall in the floor!

Later in the service, she was sitting on her Mom's lap so she could see. The sermon was on repentance and on stage were two sign said, "GOD" the other said, "SELF."
Anyway, she whispered to her mom in that kid whisper that's not a whisper at all,
"Mom, look! That says, G-O-D."
Her mom said, "You're right honey! What does that spell?"
Proudly, she whispered, "dog!!! It says, dog, Mommy!!!"
her mom tried to convince her that it was G-G-GOD...but the little one, I think, is still convinced that she is right.

I told her mom I would give her a free phonics lesson after church!

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