Thursday, May 21, 2009


My brother and I were plagued with this "illness" while growing up. Anytime our grandparents game over - and a lot of times in between - we wanted to go spend the night with them. Many of my favorite and most vivid memories from childhood revolve around my Granny and Papaw. My Granny kept my brother and I (and about a million other kids) every day when we were little. She hung old quilts up around the outside of the porch to keep the porch shady and cool. She would lift the screen on the door and pass our lunch through the window like we were at McDonald's. Granted I think that was all a ploy to keep us from tracking dirt in the house, but the memories we made...they are priceless.

I remember being there on snow days...we'd go out sleigh riding and come into the basement (so we didn't mess up the house) sit by the wood stove to warm up...she would make us snow cream. Ever had that? pretty tasty stuff. There were lots of rules about it though...couldn't use the first snow...had to be at least a certain number of inches...the dry snow was better...she would mix snow, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and blue food coloring...always blue...we would eat up a big bowl of it. She alway "knew" when school would be out for snow. We thought it was some kind of mystical power when in all actuality, it was probably just that she's listened to Johnny Wood - the weather guy!

I could sit here for hours listing memories...great times we shared going to the plant to pick up Papaw from work...hiding in the back seat and "scaring" him when he got in the car...her taking just me shopping at the mall for my birthday...making me a peanut butter cake with sea foam icing for my birthday...if the weather was right for it!...priceless...

We found out today that her body is full of cancer. The doctor says there's nothing to be done except keep her comfortable. A few months...that's what we have left. And while I am a bit sad...I confess that I am a little excited for her. She's lived her whole life for the moment that is about to come. She will see her Jesus face to face. I also think there will be a great reunion with her friends and family who have made that journey already. She will not be in pain..."Ol' Arthur" will be gone and she can move freely.

There is a celebration about to begin...

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Tiffany said...

Wow, Angie. What a beautifully written heartfelt post about your Granny. She sounds amazing. It is so comforting to know that there is a better place for her.