Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Milestone...

28 months since I was logged in to the China Center of Adoption Affairs. 28 months. I don't think there are any animals with a gestation period this long...I think I have surpassed them all!

I was so hoping that Granny would have lived to see Emma come home. When I would talk about her, she would say, "Well, I sure hope I live long enough to see the little thing."

There are days I wonder if I will live long enough to see the little thing!


Cindy said...

I am sorry Angie. I know I am right there with you. We have waited too long. My grandmother had also hoped to live long enough to see her first great granddaughter. Who knew it would take sooooo long. Maybe your Granny has met my Oma up above and they are looking down on all of us - you, me and both of our daughters and cheering us all on to hurry up and meet!
Stay strong. Much love, Cindy

Karyn said...

Your blogs about your grandmother are beautiful. She was such a sweet lady and raised such amazing gentleman (& grandkids too)! My heart is holding you and your whole family!
One thing that still makes me sad about my dad is that didn't get to meet my kids, and that they won't know him. I take comfort in knowing that they will meet one day in heaven! Isn't it sweet to know your loved one is now in the presence of Jesus?!
With Love,