Saturday, July 18, 2009

It is NOT a money pit!

Whew! I am NOT in a money pit! My friend Sydney's dad is a contractor. I respect him and trust him. He came by today to look at my condo to see if the issues are structural or simply normal, easy - fix, issues that happen in new builds. He found and solved my water problem - simply need to get a longer hose to meet the downspout and fill in where the dirt has settled and erroded under my front porch. He said the construction itself was very sound. Once the water problem is fixed, he feels there will be no more issues with water or mold. The other things are just minor thangs that happen as a house shifts and he said they were easy fixes. Whew!

Thanks, Steve, for setting my mind at ease! I owe you a ton of oatmeal- chocolate chip-raisin cookies!

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Waiting4Audrey said...

Angie, glad your condo issues are fixable. It is great that you have good friends to help you fix stuff. People joke that I married Todd because he can fix almost anything in our house and even fixed the furnace at my brothers.