Thursday, October 29, 2009

A blob of infection

Being a school teacher has allowed me to build up a freakishly strong immune system.  Earlier this year when more than half of my class was out with H1N1, I didn't even have a sniffle.  But, yesterday my voice started getting a little scratchy and my chest a little burny...this morning I woke up with no voice at all.  It was too late to call a sub so I decided to trudge on through...I didn't feel sick - just sounded horrible.

As the kids came in and I told them what to do for morning work, they were so funny!  They were even whispering to each other and to me!  They were fabulous today and I am so thankful.  Yesterday was a really rough day so it was a very welcome change - especially in light of the lack of a voice.

I decided to go to the doctor after school and I am glad I did...could have ended up worse as I have become a blob of infection.  My ears, sinuses, throat and chest are all full of infection, but no strep or H1N1!  Ten days of antibiotics and steroids (for the inflammation in my vocal chords that's causing the laryngitis)...and as few days of voice rest (yeah, right!)... and I should be good as new.

Tonight, I spent about 2 hours getting sub plans ready...pity the sub that has to work on a holiday!  it's so much easier to just go sick most of the time...but teaching with no voice is pretty useless - no matter how well behaved the kids are.  So tomorrow, I am looking forward to sleeping in and being a couch potato while watching episode after episode of Little House!  Hopefully, i will have my voice back by Monday...although the last time this happened, I was voiceless for 2 solid weeks.  And it's awfully hard for me to be on voice rest!


Cindy said...

Poor baby! Hope you are feeling well again soon! We got lots of bugs around our house too :(
xoxo, C

Tiffany said...

Oh, you poor thing. So sorry to hear it. I have a freakishly strong immune system myself but when it does hit, it is usually bad. I hope your voice comes back soon. That is so hard to not be able to talk. At least you can still blog! : ) I do feel sorry for your sub, holidays are exhausting in the classroom!