Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sock Bandit vs The Sock Fairy

I think this is a universal put a load of laundry in to wash and when you prepare to fold the socks, it seems that there is always one missing. 

Back in the fall, I bought THE cutest pair of socks!  They were black and pink and and polka dots.  I am telling you...they were cute!  I wore them one day...put them in the laundry...and of all the socks I could lose, wouldn't you know it would be one of those!  Why couldn't it be a plain ol white sock...or black...or any other sock???  But these were my favorite!!!

I looked everywhere...did all the rest of the laundry.  Nowhere to be found.I looked under my bed.  I looked under my furniture.  I looked in the closet where I kept my dirty clothes.  I am telling you, I looked everywhere...for weeks.'s months later and I had decided that the sock bandit had made off with my favorite sock.  I've done laundry several times since then...and no sock.

Then, out of the blue, I pull out laundry the other day and lo and behold if that sock wasn't in the clothes.  Where had it been?  I mean...I had washed the same clothes before...I'd looked for it for months.  and there it was.

I can only assume that the battle between the Sock Bandit and the Sock Fairy was finally won by the Sock Fairy!

Thank you Sock Fairy!  I am so glad to have my sock back!


Susan said...

LOVE the post~! The sock Bandit lives under our dryer and I'm convinced he loves our home.

We knew a man that got so fed up with missing and matching socks that he threw out every single sock he owned, and then went out and purchased 20 pairs of identical socks. He cut his matching time down -- that's for sure.. and who cares if one of those gets eaten by the bandit! :)

Krystal said...

I so hear you! On a slightly related note, I've started marking (with a Sharpie) each pair of my kids socks so I can match them up again properly, if they come out of the washer and dryer. We have so many socks that seem to match but don't quite. Even if the washer or dryer eat them and the sock fairy can't reproduce them, at least I know which socks started out as matches. Yes, sometimes my daughter wears an X sock and a G sock. It's just the way it works out.

I'm sure there's an underwear monster too, but since undies don't usually come in pairs, we don't notice.

I wonder if there are people who frequent landfills who find the remains of socks in the workings of washing machines and dryers. I mean, where else could those socks go???

Loved the post! Praying for you and Emma!!!