Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This did my heart so good!

Last week, I was able to send a request for an update. The update came today! 
I sent these questions...it helps to have in mind a bit of her daily routine. And the pictures...priceless!

I am falling more in love everyday!

What is her current feeding schedule?

7:00 take bottle fomula, 9:00 eat eggs, 11:00eat noodles,14:30 drink water,eat cracker and fruit,16:00 porridge, 17:30 steamed buns,20:00 take bottle fomula.

2、Does she use a bottle?


3、What does she drink? Milk? Formula? Juice?

Fomula,she likes to drink water. She loves sweet foods and fruits.

4、What is her current daily schedule? Does she take a nap?

6:30 get up, 12:00-14:00 take a nap, 20:30 go to bed.

5、When she is sad or upset, how does she calm down?

holding her and give her toys,distracted.

6、Is she potty trained or wearing diapers?

wearing diapers.

7、Does she have a particular caretaker or child friend that she is closest to?

Yes,the caretaker's name is Zhang Ying, the good freind's name is **,we can see Gui Lan with ** on one of the pictures.

8、Who named her, and why was she given this name?

the caretaker who was on duty that day which sent her to the orphanage,best wishs for her beauty and loveliness.

9、Can we please have updated pictures and measurements?

Height 75cm, weight 22P, head 45.5cm, chest 48cm, foot 12cm, teeth 16
**She's quite a peanut!

Please tell the orphanage that the family is very excited to adopt her, and they will be traveling soon to come and get her!! I have attached a picture of Gui Lan’s new Mother!

I am beside myself at how happy she looks in these two pictures!

This is one of her friends in the orphanage...how sweet is that???

How thankful I am to have this update!  Praying for TA to come tomorrow!


Susan said...

Oooooh baby, eat, sleep and play! sounds good to me! :) :)

The Johnson Family said...

What a nice update and great pictures. I know you are so excited and want to leave right now. We are praying for your TA to come soon.

amazeingteacher said...

emma and molly are about the same size! emma is simply beautiful!! hoping for TA soon!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Can't wait to get that message from you that TA has arrived!

Alana said...

She's a doll!

tiffany said...

Oh my goodness could she be any more beautiful and precious and perfect?? And HAPPY? Woohoo for wonderful updates. :)

Becky said...

What a cutie!

tammy said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!! what a blessing!!!!!

Kim said...

I can't wait to meet her! She looks so happy :)

The Holloway's Journey to Jin said...

I love her smile when she laughs. She looks very happy!