Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just hours to go...

For the most part, Jet lag has been very kind to us so far. I have gotten up the past two nights at two in the morning, but I suppose we could chalk that up to the fact that I have gone to bed by about nine each night! I have been so exhausted from our busy days! I am sleeping well and don't mind the fact that the beds are hard as a slab of concrete. The pillows at this first hotel have been fabulous!
Today was an emotional one. My agency - Living Hope - has a training center for children who are orphans, but not considered adoptable because they have a living relative. At the training center, they live with a "family" - each "house" has 2-3 rooms of bunkbeds and a bathroom. They also have a common area with a place to do their school work. The children are loved and well cared for there. They all seemed so happy...and were gracious and kind to show us around and allow us to eat lunch with them. I had met a group of them that came to America to perform a few months ago. One of the girls...I am just drawn to her because I think that's what Emma will look like when she grows up. I have a picture of us together.
Speaking of pictures...tomorrow, I am going to try a few different routes in hopes f getting some pictures up before my friend Kelly loses it! :)
After the visit to the training center, we traveled to the Badaling section of the Great Wall. As we got closer, we could see it, snaking across the mountain tops...what a marvel! To think that some of the sections of that wall were there at the time Jesus walked on this earth...overwhelming. The section we were on is about 500 years old. We rode Gondola cars up the mountian - what a ride and what a view! I wanted to keep riding the cars! Once we got off, we began making our way "down" the wall, although there were some seriously steep "up" sections, too! Amy got her picture made with 2 guys...they thought she was a superstar. I got my picture made with a lady and her daughter. Guess I need to hang out with Amy more! One guy did shout out, "Beautiful" to least I am thinking it was me. Although, Amy was right behind me...but at least let me have my moment!
Once down, I had to purchase a tshirt that said, "I have conquered the Great Wall!" There was a sign at the base that said in Chinese, "You are not a hero until you have conquered the Great Wall!" guess that makes me a hero!
Now, it's finally time for this trip's real purpose. In about 12 hours, I will finally meet my baby girl! I am so anxious to hold feel her hear her voice - even if it's screaming! Please be praying that the Lord will be preparing her...that she would have a peace in knowing that I am "momma" and I will love her forever...that I will provide for her and comfort her. Wow...the thought of what her little heart is about to go through makes mine break. She will be leaving everything she's ever known and going with a stranger who looks and smells and sounds totally different. Please cover us in prayer!
I can't wait to share THOSE pics especially...What a Happy Mother's day for me!


Becky said...

When my son and his wife lived in China, everyone thought his wife was Julia Roberts....

Emma will have changes. So many. I have been praying that the Lord would prepare her heart.

I am glad you are enjoying China so much!

Natalie said...

Oh, Angie, I am just a blubbering mess any time I think about you or read your updates. I am so excited for you that I can hardly stand it! I have a feeling I will be awake at 3 in the morning just imaging the moment that you are going through finally meeting your baby girl! I can't wait to hear all about it and to hopefully get to see pictures!!! I'm praying for you both!

tammy said...

Yes... will definately be setting my clock to see you with your beautiful Emma....Just hang on the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy & Meisha

The McPherson's said...

i know we don't know one another, but i saw your blog from christy dickison's blog and started to read if a few months ago.
and i just wanted to wish you a happy mother's day! what a blessing you receiving in just a few hours!
God Bless!
-Erin :)

Tiffany said...

Seriously can't not cry when I read your posts. It's all so unbelievable and such a God thing that you are meeting your Emma on Mother's Day. You are a Momma now. What an amazing dream come true. I am praying that Emma feels a connection to you right away and it is completely love at first sight! I love you and am so incredibly happy for you! Wow.

Brad&AmityVance said...

I am so thrilled that Emma is finally getting to meet her mommy! I will be praying for you both! Love you bunches!

tiffany said...

Oh on Mothers Day! How perfect. We actually met our son on Mother's Day as well in beautiful Yunnan China, three years ago. Very excited for you and upset or not upset, that sweet girl will come around to being as thrilled about you as you are about her. Oh oh, just very excited for you!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Yes, if I don't get pictures soon, I may just hop on a plane and head to Xi'an to see for myself! :) You have had Emma for 2 hours now as I type this. You have already walked to get your pictures and are probably now back at the hotel or maybe trying to get something to eat. Praying that those quiet moments in the room as you get to know each other are sweet and reach into Emma's heart to communicate unconditional love to her.

Happy Mother's Day, girl!