Sunday, May 16, 2010

Leaving Xi'an

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. We left Xi'an - the only place Emma has ever known. The last part of our trip is in Guangzhou in southern China. And believe me, based on the humidity's very southern! I remember the summers I lived in Houston, we talked about how it wasn't the heat that would kill you, it was the humidity. It is SO sticky here.

Emma was a great helper as we packed everything up. She really liked taking things in and out of all the bags. Just before were to leave, I realized that I had packed all of her socks. I was pulling everything out of both bags trying to find socks. Needless to say, it didn't get packed as neatly the second time!

Her first plane ride was an experience. We took a bus out to the plane - we were packed like sardines on that bus! She really did quite well. She stood in front of the seat and used the seat as her play table. She played with her doll - covering her up with a makeshift blanket and trying to feed her her bottle. About an hour before landing, it was that bewitching bedtime hour...they didn't allow me to bring her milk and they did not have any on the plane. She squealed for about 20 minutes until she finally fell asleep. It was about an hour van ride to the hotel. she slept on and off. I was afraid that she might not sleep once in the room. After check in - which took a LONG time it seemed, we got in the room and changed clothes and she was OUT! Slept all night long. I had set an alarm, but really didn't anticipate needing it as I have a little asian alarm clock...or so I thought. Thankfully, I got a text from Syd that woke me up!

Today was Emma's medical exam. All adopted children must be examined at this same place. They listen to their heart and lungs, check their hearing (sort of), weigh and measure them, and take their temp. All children over 2 must also have a TB test. Uncle Dave held her for that test so that I could swoop in after and rescue her! She did well...and I am praying that there will be no reaction - there doesn't seem to be yet. We will have it checked on Monday. The doctor did hear some congestion in her lungs - she's been a little "rattle-ey" since I got her, but has had no fever or other symptoms. He said that if she started running a fever to start her on antibiotics.

After the medical exam, we came back to the room for a nap. While we were resting, they brought us our "Going Home Barbie." Mattel provides these for all adoptive families.

Later, the two of us walked around to a few shops. I dropped off some laundry since ALL of our clothes are dirty. We also got some snacks at the store to keep in the room. I got some tea bags so that I could make some iced tea in the room - such a treat!

For dinner tonight, we went to a Thai restaurant called "The Cow and Bridge." I have had a little bit of Thai food and am not terribly fond of it, but Emma and I shared some noodles and chicken...a little plain, but with bit of a kick! We both really enjoyed it. I think Emma had as many noodles on the floor as she did in her belly!

Now we are getting ready for bath and bed. It's funny that I am getting more sleep with a two year old than I did before! I am sure that won't always last!

Good night from Guangzhou!

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Rochelle said...

You are getting more sleep because they wear you out, & you learn to sleep when you can.

I love seeing pictures of you and Emma together. You are a natural.