Monday, May 31, 2010

Lollipops make it all better

Emma had her first doctor visit on Friday.  She did a super job!  The doctor would show her the instrument she was going to use...and show what she was going to do on a doll.  Then, she let Emma hold the same instrument.  Emma would just mimic every thing the doctor did...It was precious!  The doctor was pleased with her growth and development.  She is delayed in her language development...but that is to be expected as she is acclimating and learning a new language!

I knew that the appointment was going to be quite comprehensive.  They took a ton of blood...seriously, like 10 vials.  Before they took her blood, they did put some cream on her arm to numb it...must not have worked too well though cause she still screamed bloody murder.  It was awful...

But not nearly as awful as the 4 shots she got next.  I cried...she was pitiful.  She got several lollipops that day! 

And at the end of the day, we had a dinner and a visit with our friends Leigh and Aubrey...and Matt and Sydney. Sydney brought the girls each a lollipop as big as their heads. Aubrey really didn't like hers, but Emma thought it was the bomb!

These girls were way too cute having their little tea party!

She deserved that lollipop after that doctors visit!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, poor baby and Momma. That is rough. I love dr. appts. with my little ones but HATE the shots! So pitiful. Glad she got some lollipops out of the deal! : )