Monday, May 10, 2010

Updates Galore!

Happy Mother's Day!

Ok, sorry for the delay. Once I arrived in Beijing, only one of my email accounts would work, but I couldn't get pictures to attach. Then, when I arrived in Xi'an, neither of my accounts would work. Now, I have set up a new account so that I can email posts to my friend, Sydney, who will then post them...Thanks, Syd!

So where should I begin...How about we just fast-forward to why we are all here...GOTCHA DAY! Sunday morning, we woke up in Beijing and headed to the airport. The row had three seats...window, center, and the aisle. I am not sure if we smelled or what but 2 different Chinese men sat in the seat and proceeded to move...very another seat! Kind of funny! The flight was incredibly bumpy and we nearly wondered if we would arrive in one piece. Soon enough we landed, got our luggage and headed to the hotel. We had about an hour to rest and freshen up prior to heading to the Civil Affairs Office for the babies. I spent the hour very peacefully...I got out all the baby things and loaded up the backpack with things to tempt baby Emma. Together, the two families adopting...and my travel posse headed out!

We walked into the building and took an elevator to the 5th floor. we walked into a room with several nannies and babies and families. Lan Lan was sitting on her nannies lap just inside the door. I knew her immediately by the back of her head! i stooped down and spoke softly to her and when I finally held her it was...indescribable. just as quickly as she was in my arms, all the years of waiting and paper work melted away. I had heard that many times before but never believed I do.

She was very calm at first, but after a few minutes, she had all she could take and began to cry. I was pretty good while she was calm, but her tears caused mine to start. I kept myself together though because I didn't want to scare her. I signed several papers and that was it...we were ready to go back to the hotel.

Back in the room, she calmed down pretty quickly and we played a bit. I changed her diaper and just stared at her! It was unbelievable!

Shortly after that, we walked to the photo shop for our official family photo. This is placed on the adoption decree. We also had to get individual photos.

Then it was dinner...which she LOVED! She ate everything I offered her! She is quite an eater. After dinner, it was bath time...which she did not love. I thought from her imfo that she liked baths, but apparently, I was mistaken. She just held on to the side of the tub and whimpered so nearly broke my heart...but still somehow made me chuckle!

She fell asleep while I was skyping with my mom and Sydney and slept the whole night through. I, on the other hand, woke at her every move and sound. It doesn't help that the beds here are equivalent to sleeping on a slab of concrete covered by a sheet. Have I mentioned that my girl snores? It's true. I am convinced she's an old man in a baby's body...she toots, and burps and snores like nobody's business!

This morning she woke up quiet but happy. We managed to get a few smiles from her today. Her personality is slowly blossoming. I do feel as if I am waiting for the other shoe to drop in a's been too easy. Remind me of that on our flight together next week! (of course it's easy...I have a travel posse here to help with my every need!

We did some more paperwork today and then a bit of shopping at the "Chinese W*l-mart" of sorts. Amy and I are W*lmart junkies, but were at a loss today not being able to find our way around or know what on earth we were buying. I got a stroller and some more diapers...cause this girl can go through them! It was quite an experience.

I will leave you tonight with my favorite quote from today. Tonight at dinner, I was trying my best to use chopsticks. I was attempting to get a steamed bun to my plate. Jo, our guide, recognized my distress and offered to help. I thanked her and said, "JoJo, you are much better at chopsticks than I am!" She replied, "well, you are much better with fork than I am!" What a hoot!

Tomorrow...the Terra Cotta Warriors! I am really looking forward to that!

Blessings, my friends! Thank you for your prayers...they are working for sure! Keep them going up!


Amy said...

Happy Tears flowing!
And I get to be the first to comment to your post!!! I KNEW there was a reason I logged into facebook this morning when I had so much other stuff to do!!! :)):)

She is just perfectly beautiful, and looks so at peace with her Mama. :)
Good wonderful things...come to those who wait!!!

Brian, Beth, Garrett and Lucy said...

i too have tears flowing. so very overwhelmed w/ happiness for you AND emma, angie. blessings as you continue on there & travel back home. cannot wait to see more of you & your precious little girl. happy mother's day!!!

Monica said...

What a wonderful end to a LONG journey for both of you. Enjoy these first days getting to know one another. They are priceless. Happy Mother's Day, Angie.

tammy said...

Oh my goodness!!!..she is just precious and just a doll!!! and might I also add Angie you look beautiful!!!!

Tammy & Meisha

Shelley said...

Oh Angie...she is beautiful...and so are you!!!! We are so so so very happy for you dear friend. You have waited so very long for this and I can think of nobody who deserves it more than you!!!
We love you!!! Enjoy every moment!!

Emily said...

Angie, she is beautiful! And you two are perfect together! Can't wait till you get back!

LarryD said...

She is so cute!! You look so happy together. Can't wait to meet her.

tiffany said...

Ah she is so lovely! What a special Mother's Day. I was so anxious to see her in your arms and now I am so anxious to watch her get comfy with her MaMa and watch you both fall in love with each other. Brings back the best memories of my whole life. Huge congratulations to you and Happy Mother's Day.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh Angie, oh Angie. I love seeing these pictures. She is just perfect, such an angel (despite odd sounds coming from her!). :) You are absolutely glowing in the picture with your handprint and her footprint--oh how I wish we could have done this together. But, I am so happy to see you together finally and how perfect that it was on Mother's Day. I woke and prayed for you at 4am as promised--glad to know that you have felt those prayers and God's presence. Big hugs -

Sandy H. said...

I know you had the best Mothers Day EVER!!! Emma is just beautiful! It is amazing how the "paper work" really seems to go away when you hold your baby for the first time! Enjoy your daughter! xox

Erica said...

There is nothing better than the way your child feels in your arms--especially for the first time.

I LOVE the last photo of the two of you together!

Still thinking of you--I know Duc would love your Emma.