Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Heart News!

We had an appointment this week with a cardiologist. Emma has a VSD and PFO...essentially 2 holes in her heart. Prior to accepting her referral, I had the cardiologist look at her information.  Even at that point, he said it did not look like a serious issue, but he would know more once he was able to examine her.   I felt confident in accepting the referral, but was still a little nervous about our visit...just praying that she would not need any surgery.

At the doctor they did an EKG as well as an echo.  I had planned to take some pictures, but Emma was terrified once they tried to take her blood pressure and I had to hold her the whole time...so no pictures.  Once all the tests were in, the doctor explained that the holes are very small and may continue to shrink and close on their own. Even if they do not close, the doctor said she will not need surgery to close the holes. He assured me that she will be able to participate in any physical activity with no issues at all!

Praise the Lord for such great news! 

Emma loves to "write" and draw.  I am amazed at her pencil grip...pretty good for a 2 year old!

Emma all laid back and waiting to see the cardiologist.


Tiffany said...

Woohoo! Praise the Lord! What wonderful news! She is such a little sweetie!

Shauna and MacLean said...

That is wonderful news!!! I really enjoy your blog. Take care and enjoy every minute. My daughter from china is almost 12 years old time does fly!

amazeingteacher said...

wonderful news! i'm so glad emma is super healthy!!