Saturday, September 4, 2010

Girls' Night Out

One night this week, Emma and I went to the park with our friends Sydney, Leigh, and Aubrey Jane.  We took a picnic and everything!  Although Emma was too preoccupied with getting to "wing" that she barely ate.  The girl loves to swing!

She also decided that she loved to slide!  Aubrey was so sweet!  Even though there were 2 slides, she'd go down and then say, "Emma's turn."

Climbing the steps is almost as fun as sliding down!

Emma wanted so badly to give Aubrey a hug...but here, she got the hand instead. later they did hug...happily!

This park has a Narnia theme.  This was Mr. Tumnus' cave.  The girls liked knocking on his door...although he never came out!  BOO!

Emma's first sand experience.  I am not a sand fan.  I kind of figured she wouldn't be either because she doesn't like her hands to be dirty, but she seemed to like playing in it.

One last slide before we left!  At first, we had to hold her hand when she went down, but by the end of the night, this big girl was doing it all herself!

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