Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow day

I have a plaque in my classroom that says,

Please Snow...I'm a teacher!

And today it did!  We got a few inches of snow and it was beautiful! 

We started the day by sleeping in and then making some marshmallow treats.

 I had to talk her into tasting a marshmallow.  She was not a fan.
She did, however, like the Rice Krispies!

And she really liked the finished product!

I mean REALLY liked it!

Later, we bundled up and went to Nana and Papa's for some lunch and playing in the snow.  We don't have a good place to play here at our house.  Emma didn't mind standing in the snow.

She even picked some up and tasted it.  But then, she was upset that the snow stuck to her glove and wouldn't come off.  I laid down and made a snow angel, but she would have none of it.  Sadly, the snow was not "snow man" material.  We also borrowed a sled from the neighbors and went down the hill.  once.  Emma did not like that at all.  The snow blew up in her face and she hated that.  She was ready to go in after that.  But at least we experienced it!

All red-cheeked from the sweet!

After a good nap, it was time to play with toys...or at least the box that the toys were in before she dumped them all out!

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