Monday, January 3, 2011

Any little motivation helps...

Emma came to me this afternoon saying pretty desperately, "UH OH!!! MOMMA, POOPOO!!!"  I thought this was going to be it! I set her on the potty and we waited...and waited...and waited.  Emma was getting bored with the potty, so I came up with a brilliant plan.

"Emma, do you want to paint your toenails like ladybugs?"

She was ALL for it!  We had talked about it for a couple of days, but just kept running out of time. 
She was ALL FOR IT!!!

This was a great way to not only keep her on the potty, but keep her still so her nails would dry. 
Brilliant plan if I do say so myself!

Painting tiny nails is not for the faint of heart. 
 Add to that tiny, wiggly toes and you have quite a challenge before you!
Add to that a desire to do something cute like polka dots and maybe I should have thought a little more!

They weren't perfect, but she was pleased as punch!  Later when Mom called she squealed with delight, pointed the phone at her toes and said, "Nana, paint!"  I guess she thought Nana could see through the phone.  Can't blame her as we sk*pe a lot and she CAN see. 
Totally worth the wiggles for that grin and excited squeal!

Well, then I couldn't let her be the only one with pretty toes...
so I bared my blah, winter toes for a touch of secret color!

Oh...and by the way...all that and NO poop!  Still trying...


Tiffany said...

brilliant! and so cute!

melody said...

What a creative idea :)