Sunday, January 2, 2011

Potty time Update

UGH!  Really it's gone well, but I underestimated the frustration level.  I was hopeful that she would catch on more quickly than she is.  The first day, we stayed at home...all. day. LOOOONNNNGGGGG.  Emma and I both like to be on the go...and we both were stir crazy by the end of the day.  She stayed in big girl panties all day with just 1 accident.  How nice of her to have that accident on the hardwood instead of the carpet or the furniture. 

Probably not the best plan, but the next day, I had several errands to run so we made some short jaunts in pull ups.  She did SUPER well! 

The problem came the next day.  We were out...she had on a pull up...I thought we were good.  Apparently pull ups are not meant to hold poop.  We were in the store and I knew it was happening...she was pooping.  I was still naive to the fact that she had on a pull up.  I finished my shopping and we headed to the car so I could change her.  No big deal.  Then it turned very quickly into a huge freaky mess!  There was poop all over me from carrying her to the car...there was poop all over her clothes and before I could save the day, it was all over the seat of the car.  Not just a little poop, but horrible, make you want to throw away all clothes involved poop.  Many wipes - and a diaper later - we made it home and cleaned the clothes enough to be put into the washer.  GROSS!!! 

Thank you Emma for further inducting me into the Mommyhood hall of fame!

I still cannot get her to poop in the potty, but I trust it will come.  She is going back to day care tomorrow.  Her sitter is so good to help with this process! 

So...we are not through the process, but we are closer and she LOVES using the big girl potty...and MnM's don't hurt!  ;)

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amazeingteacher said...

oh, this was so funny. i mean not then of course, but now looking back it sounds hilarious! what we go through as mothers??! it will get easier and better with time...

i still haven't taken her out for a long time in public with panties only. i just can't bear the the thought of your experience! i never did pull ups b/c i knew how messy it is if they poop in them. so we just do panties and diapers at bedtime/long shopping trips.