Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

It's been quite the winter wonderland around here. We were out of school Monday, on a snow schedule yesterday, and out again today. Emma and I are enjoying the relaxing days...being lazy...staying in our jammies all day...playing games...and hopefully taking naps! ;)

Monday, I had a little monkey jumping on the bed!  I was folding and hanging up clothes...not easy to do when a monkey is landing in your pile!

                                                            Love this mid air shot!
Later we played with her choo choo train. 

Her favorite line now is, "All aboard the choochoo train."  I love to hear her say it!

So far today we have played memory - a slightly adjusted, 2 year old version...but she LOVES it!

And we have made a LOT of biscuits!

and cookies, too!

She cracks me up the way she works so hard to move the chairs around just "so." 

We've worked hard today...too bad she's not as ready for a nap as I am.  She should be - she was up (and me too) for almost 2 hours last night.  I could tell by her cry she was tired, and she would sleep when I was rocking her, but would wake up and cry when I laid her down.  FInally, I just let her cry it out a bit.  I want her to know that I am here to comfort her, but I also know she needs to learn to soothe herself back to sleep....fine line.  She finally fell back to sleep about 4...and was up at 8. 

She is doing so well with potty training...even pooped in the potty the past few days!  Here's hoping we're on to something!

I love these snow days, but when can I move to Hawaii???

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