Saturday, February 12, 2011

I fought the crud...

...and the crud won.  Fever...cough...sneezing...aches...oh it's awful! 
I sound like a man...what voice I have anyway. 
I had the flu shot, so I am guessing it's just a bad cold.
My question is it possible to have a runny nose and a stuffy nose at the same time?

What a time for my mom to be out of town?!?!  She left for a week in San Francisco. 
I already knew that being a single mom was hard,
but being a SICK single mom...
 with my momma out of town
... is really just the pits!

Poor Emma has been left to her own devices.  I spent last night laying on the couch...this morning too.  We did go out to the drug store today to get some medicine.  She's been so sweet...just letting me be lazy.  Love that sweet girl.  I am trying to stay away from her...but just how do you do that?  I don't want her to get this, but I have jsut about decided that it is probably inevitable, but I will do my best.


The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh man -- so wish I lived around the corner from you now so that I could pull in and whisk your little one off for a playdate and give you some rest! It is AWFUL to be a sick mama -- and I can't imagine having no reprieve! Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow!

amazeingteacher said...

hope you feel better soon! yes, these are the times when it is so difficult to be a single mama. sounds like you have a compassionate nurse on your side, though!