Saturday, April 2, 2011

On a trip

It's Spring Break and I wanted to get away.  We went to Pennsylvania to visit some adoption buddies.  In the hotel, I was wrangling the suitcase, diaper bag, backpack etc and holding Emma...took me right back to China! 
We stayed a couple of days with my friend Kelly.  We received referrals on the same day, but sadly did not get to travel together.  We have talked and emailed for the past year, but had never met.  I couldn't wait to get our girls together.  Emma was a super traveler as long as her Miss Patty Cake video was in!  Praise the Lord for portable DVD players.

We took the kids to a little museum.  They were a hoot! 

There was a glass floor and neither of the girls wanted to walk on it.  Emma was shaking she was so scared of it.  I even jumped up and down on it, but she just couldn't "trust" it.

They all picked the boogers from this dino's nose.  yeah, they were all about the "history" of it!  ;)
Emma was able to pet a boa constrictor. 
She was so brave. 
I, on the other hand, did NOT touch the snake!

The girls were totally worn out!  I think Emma was even drooling!

 The next day, we celebrated Lydia's Forever Family day with a Chinese dinner. 

I love this pic of Drew.

Here's Kelly and Lydia...this is Lydia's picture face. 

The last day, we met another adoption friend for breakfast. Cindy was my secret pal in yahoo group of people who were logged in at the same time.  She sent some of the sweetest gifts.  One of the gifts was a set of ladybug jammies that Emma wore on her very first night with me!  

Here's a little flashback for you!

Cindy was actually in China getting her daughter, Celia, when I got my referral for Emma. 

It was a blast to see all the girls together.  Celia and Emma are both almost 3 and Lydia just turned 2.  Getting a pic of the girls together was like nailing jello to a wall.  It wasn't for lack of trying...all 3 of us had cameras pointing at them!


Come on Lyds...say cheese!

Emma's trying to talk her in to smiling for the camera.

Eh...I give up.  Celia, it's all up to us now.

Three Beautiful Momma's with three beautiful gifts...

...even when they won't look at the camera on cue!

It's a whole lot easier to take pics of grown ups!

Thanks for a great visit Kelly! 

Cindy - WHere is the picture of the 2 of us?  We were in such a hurry to get to our QVC tour - not even kidding folks - that we didn't get that shot.  Guess that means we have to meet again!


The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh, It was SO fun to have you here! Just like an old friend visiting. And, I LOVED seeing Emma and getting a feel for her personality (and, boy, does she have one!). Can't believe where we are now--all those phone calls praying for our babies--and now....well, don't want to get all choked up again. You are definitely coming back--in warmer weather! Okay?

journeyofawoman said...

How wonderful! Gorgeous kids (and moms)!

Love the jammies.. you are blessed to have these adaption friends with you!