Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally...Party Day!

We've been counting down the days for weeks!  And finally, it was here...
The food...just a much for that plan!  ;)

The treat bags...

The friends...

And the MANY gifts...WOW!  We are blessed!

 The Cupcakes...they turned out so cute! 

Emma had much help with gift opening...and she was very gracious to let them help.
I got my girl her first tricycle...she still can't get the hang of pushing the pedals, but she'll get it!

Nana and Papa got her this precious kitchen which she is LOVING!

Finally...cupcake time!

There is a tradition in China to put icing on their face.  Emma is not so keen on this tradition...Icing is her favoroite part - why would I waste it like this???

The girls sporting their princess shoes!

Still trying to learn to pedal!
Later my cousin Wendy, her daughter, Delaney, Emma and I snuggled up on the couch just enjoying the company!

It was a fantastic day!

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tiffany said...

Everything looks so festive! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!