Thursday, May 5, 2011

It all started with...

...the neverending trip!  One year ago today, my cousin Amy and I boarded a flight to China.  The nearly 5 year wait to hold my baby girl was almost over.   We flew from Tri-Cities to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Seattle.  In Seattle, we decided we needed to eat one last "American" meal.  Sadly, the international terminal left a bit to be desired in the food category, but we did find coffee and Amy got french fries.

It was nearly time to board the long flight to Tokyo, so we walked around a bit knowing that we would be sitting for a LONG time! 
We quickly found our seats and got settled in.

The food was...interesting...but not too terribly bad.  It felt as if they fed us constantly!

Shortly after dinner, Amy got out her SNUGGIE! 
Yes, she brought her own snuggie.  I made fun of her...a lot!
We both snoozed on and off for the next several hours.  At some point, I caught this lovely shot...

Once we landed in Tokyo, we were both exhausted and wanting to be able to stretch out. 
Amy - again - pulled out the snuggie.

Hours later...again...we landed in Beijing.  We waited anxiously - praying all of our luggage would arrive.  We loaded it, piece by piece onto the cart.  It was all there!
I was so happy to see our guide, Lisa.  I had met her before when she traveled with the Living Hope Angels. 

Our travel time was about 31 hours...yes, that's THIRTY ONE!!!  Talk about a long labor...

Since I had such a terrible time posting from China, I decided to re-live the trip...I am just glad I don't have to really re-live the plane ride!  Hang on...we're going for a ride!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

Can't wait to relive it with you! So fun!