Sunday, May 1, 2011

The storm

We had some incredibly scary weather here last week.  Typically, the mountains protect us from tornados, but we had tornado warnings all around the area.  I decided Emma and I should sleep in the basement, so I took her crib mattress and a feather bed and tons of blankets downstairs.  Emma was in no way afraid of the storm...she was just excited to be sleeping together in the basement!

It took her a while to settle, but there was no settling for me.  The sounds were horrific.  I kept running upstairs and looking out the windows...and then getting scared and running back down. 
The hail was so loud!  Ours was small compared to some around.  Many in our town had tennis and baseball size!

I lost some guttering...

South of us and north of us, there were tornados and terrible devastation...lots of lives lost.  I am thankful we only suffered minor damage.  I am also thankful that Emma felt such peace that this is how she passed her time...

Thankful for our safety and praying for those who are grieving and piecing their lives back together.


Cindy said...

I am so happy you both are safe!

Waiting4Audrey said...

I was thinking of you after I heard the news of the storms. I'm glad you are ok. Carolyn