Saturday, June 25, 2011

The end of our vacation

Had to post a few last pictures from the beach.
Emma's ketchup...
she got such a kick out of this that she wouldn't even use it...she used my kethcup instead.
The girl prefers to eat standing up...and typically dancing.  When we are at my parents' house, she stands on a stool to eat.  Whatever works, folks!

We went to the outlets one day.  Emma and Papa entertained themselves while Mom and I shopped.

On the last night, we all went down to the beach to say goodbye to the ocean.  Emma was still a little afraid of the water.  She kept saying, "Water get me."  So someone had to hold her.  Emma and papa stayed at the beach a little longer while Mom and I sat and watched some...interesting  karaoke as most karoake is!  We kept wondering when Papa and Emma would return from the beach...they were down there for nearly 2 hours.  Dad actually got Emma to get in the water and she loved it!  Too bad it was the last day...

And just for fun...


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