Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doing our best to not labor on Labor Day!

So...How many people does it take to grill hamburgers and hotdogs?
On Labor Day, we got together for a cookout.  It was cold and rainy...but we still had a great time!  How can you not have fun with that many hamburgers and hotdogs??  Here are my uncles - my dad's brothers - doing all the cooking!

It was unseasonably cool...and very rainy.

Emma couldn't wait to get her hotdog!

We look just a like, don't we?!?!  ;)

I told you it was cold...Emma ended up stealing Nana's jacket.  This is her "cheese" face.  Makes her look totally miserable!

The leaves are already starting to change...

The puddles were calling to Emma...


Oh Well!  Even if you won't let me jump in the water, I hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day!

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