Monday, September 5, 2011

A million miles...

This Summer, Em and I went on a road trip.  First, we headed to Missouri to visit my best friend Kristi and her family.  It was a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG ride.  Emma was such a trooper!  We made a deal...she could watch videos the WHOLE way there as long as she used headphones!  ;)  She is a super traveler!

After the first long day, we spent a night at a hotel with a pool and got plenty of wiggles out and ready for the second day.  We were both so excited to get to their house!

We spent the week doing girly things like painting our nails...

And poor Mosely was so outnumbered being the only he chose to stay away from that girly action..

Wondering the whole time when Daddy would be home to rescue him!

We did toes too!

I couldn't be left with my nails undone, so Maisey and Marley did mine...glittery goodness!  There were stars on them...but they didn't show in the picture...

The girls played so well was fun to watch them.

 It was hot as blue blazes!   We finally had to cool off in the sprinkler one evening.  We had to wait til evening cause you couldn't breathe during the day!

After a fun week in Missouri, we loaded back in the car and drove another 500 miles or so to Indiana to visit where I used to live right after college. We stayed with my friend Tina and her family.  I hadn't been back to Indiana in several years so it was great to catch up. 

We spent one day at the Children's Museum.  They had an exhibit about the Terra Cotta Warriors - We saw the REAL thing in China.  Such a fun treat!

We rode the most fantastic merry go round...although, Emma refuses to ride on a we rode on a bench!

 Mark and his girlfriend were brave enough to ride a horse!

Emma had such a fun time at the museum!  She "worked" at the ice cream shop.  She set out ice cream for everyone...

But then decided that maybe she needed just a little more for herself...

Yeah, we are still working on the sharing thing!  (What an ice cream hoarder!)

We really had a blast at the museum! 

On another day, my suitemate from college, Jen, and her boys drive over to visit - we enjoyed a yummy lunch and a great visit together!

Sadly, our trip had come to an end and it was time to head back home to Tennessee.  I really didn't even want to SEE the steering wheel of a car again, but alas, it was necessary...

After a total of nearly a million miles...well, nearly 2,000 anyway, we made it back home to Tennessee.  Thanks to all our friends for such a great time!

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